Iya J. Oyinleye (pronounced "Eeeyah Jay. OyeenLayYay")

From tackling unfortunate circumstances to revealing the necessary things required for you to fulfill your destiny, my role is to guide you on a path of enlightenment.  I have acquired many titles such as shaman, healer, priestess, diviner, spiritualist, medicine woman, conjurer, etc. None is more significant than just simply being a Wise Woman who knows her purpose.  I’m fueled by that alone.  My commitment to fulfilling my own destiny with excellency motivates me to go the extra mile to make sure clients are fully satisfied with my work.  Furthermore, my mission is to bring global understanding & preservation of traditional Kongolese Spirituality, celebrate ALL African ancestry as a collective and incorporate the healing powers of the Divine Feminine.  

The following are a few spiritual systems I have studied and trained within:

Iyanifa: Initiated as High Priestess in the W. African tradition of IFA

Iyalorisa: Initiated to the Orisa (Orisha), priestess of Osun (Oshun)

Yaya Nganga:  Initiated High Priestess of the Cuban lineage of Kongo spirituality called Palo Mayombe

Oracle of the Sacred Feminine: Womb Oracle and Inducted Priestess into the Mysteries of Sacred Feminine & Goddess Societies including Iyami Aje (Eleye)